Dog Repeller
Dog Repeller

Dog Repeller

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It repels dogs regardless of their size or breed emitting ultrasounds which all canines are particularly sensitive.

Used by joggers, cyclists, walkers, mailmen... It is ideal for those who fear dogs.

Ideal for training, it is a good tool to improve orders.


  • dog repeller
  • stop barking dogs
  • flashlight


  • ultrasonic
  • beep sounds
  • LED light
  • range: up to 16 yards

Reliable and efficient


  • weight: 107 g (battery included)
  • dimensions: 106,5 x 63,8 x 30,60 mm
  • power supply: 6LR61 alkaline 9 Volts battery (not supplied)

1-year warranty

User Guide & Warranty



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