Activyl Tick Plus for Small Dogs 5.1-10 kg (11-22 lbs) UPW 4 Pack |

Activyl Tick Plus for Small Dogs 5.1-10 kg (11-22 lbs)

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Activyl Tick Plus For Dogs

Targeted bioactivated flea control for dogs with the added protection of tick repellancy and control. Not to be used on cats

Ticks, and the disease organisms they carry, including Lyme disease, can affect not only your pet, but everyone in your household. Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs uses trusted and proven flea and tick control for double killing power.

Activyl is easy and convenient to apply and it is fragrance-free. Plus, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor dogs. 

PACK CONTENTS - 4 Pipettes


There are different options of Activyl Tick Plus for use on different size dogs. It is important to select the product that is right for your dog. 

It is also important to apply Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs correctly. Watch the video below to see how to apply Activyl Plus on your dogs.  The entire contents should be administered to the skin—NOT ON TOP OF THE COAT.




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