About Us

Our Philosophy:
Every pet deserves outstanding care and love. We offer the finest selection of Products & Brands at affordable prices. This way you can spend more time on love, and worry less about the cost of care of your pets. All of this is provided to you, by us, 24 hours a day, with shipping straight to your home.
Who we are:
Poumba PetShop is a privately held by GEMYL Poumba Petshop company. We try to make our decisions based on our years of experience and love of animals. Poumba PetShop dedication is to provide pet owners with high quality products at affordable prices. Our goal is to help pet owners give their pets luxury, happier and healthier lives.
What we do:
Poumba PetShop is created from people with experience in pets and pets products. We cooperate with a warehouse that retains thousands of premium pets products and brands which are high quality and safe for pets and their owners to use. In Poumba PetShop you will find large variety of pet accessories, care and pet food for your trustful friends.
Why buy from us:
Our philosophy is simple. High quality products at affordable prices!
How easy is to make an order:
You will easily find what you are looking for.
Availability of the Products & Delivery:
Our e-shop is connected and updated in Real Time for the quantity from our supplier (if a product is out of stock you will not be able to proceed to checkout). Your order is automatically processed after the completion and sent to the warehouse, from Monday until Friday, your products are sent by courier. After completion of your order we will give you a Tracking Number to track your order.

If you cannot find a product that you are looking for:

If you have any requests for any product that you cannot find anywhere else or from our website please contact us and we will try to help you.

Maximum weight order:

Maximum weight for each order is 30kg



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